Thank you for visiting our support page. Below you will find answers to common questions. If you still need help after reviewing the Q&A's below you can email [email protected] for assistance.

1.Q:How do I create an account?
  A: When you purchase a course through The Firebird Institute, your account will automatically be created and your log in information will be emailed to the email address used during purchase.

2.Q: How do I access my course?
  A: Using the log in information that was emailed to you when you purchased, you log at the top right corner. this will take you to your account page where you can see all courses purchased through The Firebird Institute. Under the    "Courses" area you will see the purchased course and you can click "access" just beneath the course photo.

3.Q: How do I navigate the course?
A: Easily! Once you click access for your course you will see a button that says "Let's Get Started" simply click there and the course will begin. Once you are done with each page you can click the "next button" but be sure to click the middle button to "mark as complete first so you will be eligible to get your certificate of completion at the end.

4.Q:What do the words that are in blue mean?
  A: Active links! If you see words that are blue, it means you can click on them. We provide many different links to resources to help you on your course path.

5.Q:What are references?
  A: References are files that have been uploaded for your use. These can very from worksheets to guides to help you along your path. When you see a reference simply click the "download" button to download to your computer.

6:Q:What is the comment area for?
  A: There is a comment area at the end of each course.This is a great way to leave Marilyn feedback about the or course or you can email her directly at [email protected]

7.Q: How do I change my password?
  A: To change your password, visit your account page and on the left hand side choose "Change Password" from the menu. It will bring you to a new screen to enter your old password and then your new password.

8.Q:Where can I find your terms of service, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy?
  A: You can find our terms, privacy policy and disclaimer by click the links at the bottom of any page or by clicking here. TERMS PRIVACY POLICY DISCLAIMER

9.Q:Why is my course showing as incomplete?
  A: If your course is showing as incomplete it is likely because you have missed marking a lesson as complete. Please go back through each lesson and make sure they are marked as complete. If you are still having issues please email [email protected] for additonal assistance.

About Us

The Firebird Institute offers coursework for transforming lives through leading practices in the field of coaching like mindfulness, narrative therapy, reflective reading and emotional intelligence. The institute values each person's path of transformation as unique and is committed to serving as a bridge for deep and meaningful personal growth. Courses give practical strategies, techniques and action steps that students can implement immediately to facilitate the changes they wish to see in their lives. The Firebird Institute is a welcoming, inclusive community, and respects all persons regardless of nationality, age, race, gender or sexual orientation or creed.