A Course In Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be

In this course you will be taking a deep dive within in order to understand who you are meant to be and make the shifts in your awareness and thinking to get the results you want to live life passionately, joyfully, and satisfied.

Becoming Who You Are is intended to take you further and deeper on your self-discovery journey through a combination of sound transpersonal psychology theory and productive practice. It is a practical approach to transform in meaningful, lasting ways, from the inside out. You will… Pull out old beliefs and perspectives. Get in touch with emotions and attitudes that are not working. Try on some new feelings and desires as you surface from your deep dive. Learn to create what you want, transform the way you work and live. Apply practical tools for achieving it all. Experience a new perspective on yourself and your life. Get an authentic upgrade to the satisfying and fulfilled life your have been hoping for. Come into conscious alignment with the divine plan of the life you were meant to live.

The Path of Deep Transformation Preview 5 minutes
Course Outline
Course Framework 5 minutes
Course Modules 3 minutes
Learning Objectives 3 minutes
Key Learning Outcomes 2 minutes
Get Set
Preparation 2 minutes
Before You Begin 3 minutes
Module 1 - Setting Intention & Creating the Energy of Transformation
Learning Objective 30 minute
Overview of Intention Setting 3 minutes
Exercise & Worksheet 20 minutes
Tips For When You Get Stuck Setting Intentions 2 minutes
Module 2 - Identifying Resistance & Getting Clear About Your Strengths
Learning Objective 2 minutes
Dig Deep 20 minutes
Cornerstone of Transformation - The Law of Attraction 10 minutes
Resistance - The Story of Pain and Freedom 20 minutes
Tips For When You Get Stuck in Resistance 3 minutes
Module 3 - The Power Of Surrender
Learning Objective 2 minutes
Understanding Surrender 30 minutes
Connecting With Your Inner Self 20 minutes
Tips For When You Get Stuck With Surrender 5 minutes
Module 7 - The Path Forward & Celebrating Milestones
Learning Objective 5 minutes
Setting and Tracking Milestones 20 minutes
Here's How To Celebrate 10 minutes
Helpful Reminder 7 minutes
Tips For When You Get Stuck on the Path Forward 5 minutes
Guided Imagery For Stress Relief 7 minutes
Appreciation From Marilyn 2 minutes
A Course In Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be- Certificate For Professional Development Contact Hours $85.00 Order
A Course In Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be- No Certificate $79.00 Order
About Us

The Firebird Institute offers coursework for transforming lives through leading practices in the field of coaching like mindfulness, narrative therapy, reflective reading and emotional intelligence. The institute values each person's path of transformation as unique and is committed to serving as a bridge for deep and meaningful personal growth. Courses give practical strategies, techniques and action steps that students can implement immediately to facilitate the changes they wish to see in their lives. The Firebird Institute is a welcoming, inclusive community, and respects all persons regardless of nationality, age, race, gender or sexual orientation or creed.